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Thomas Z. Lauritzen

Chief Executive Officer

  • LinkedIn

Thomas Z. Lauritzen,  CEO of ExponentUp is a visionary leader and innovator in the realm of data-driven technologies. With a robust background in steering companies towards success, he brings a wealth of expertise as an advisor in startups, offering invaluable insights to burgeoning ventures.

Thomas previously held pivotal roles, notably as the Vice President of Data Science at Iterative Scopes, where his strategic vision and expertise propelled the company's data initiatives to new heights. Before this, he served as the Head of Analytics, Data Engineering, and Data Science at Proteus Digital Health, Inc., playing a pivotal role in harnessing data for transformative healthcare solutions.


Jenefer Chin

BOARD Member & Secretary

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Jenefer Chin is a Board Member and Secretary at ExponentUp, who brings a strategic mindset and a proven track record in steering companies toward financial success and operational excellence. Jenefer Chin is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in financial leadership roles across prominent tech organizations.

Jenefer holds pivotal positions as the VP and Corporate Controller at Netskope. At SentinelOne, she played a crucial role in shaping the financial landscape, overseeing controllership functions and providing strategic insights that fueled the company's financial prowess and scalability leading to its successful IPO (NYSE:S), the highest-valued cybersecurity software IPO to date. 

With a strong foundation in finance and a keen understanding of the tech industry, Jenefer's contributions to these organizations have been marked by her ability to drive financial efficiency, establish robust controls, and navigate complex financial landscapes. Her dedication to fostering financial transparency and implementing best practices has consistently positioned the companies she's been involved with on trajectories of sustained growth and success. Jenefer Chin stands as a respected figure within the tech finance sphere, known for her strategic foresight, financial acumen, and commitment to driving organizational excellence.

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Bob Parker

BOARD Member

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Bob has 30 years of considerable financial and management experience, having held a series of senior finance roles at a range of leading technology companies. He joins Circulor from DefinedCrowd Corp., a leading AI training data company, and prior to this was CFO at cybersecurity firm SentinelOne between 2017 and 2020. During his time at SentinelOne, the company expanded significantly through multiple successful fundraisings, culminating in a listing on NYSE in June 2021, with a valuation of US$8.9bn. 

Bob is also an Advisor at Firmbase, a VC-backed, enterprise SaaS fintech startup, and a Board Member and Investor in a stealth security start-up.

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Shilpi Padhy

BOARD Member & Founder

  • LinkedIn

Shilpi is an accomplished engineering leader with a successful track record in the tech industry. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a strong ability to lead and motivate teams to achieve exceptional results and has been instrumental in driving innovation and growth within her organizations.

In her latest venture, Shilpi is running a senior executive community focused on bringing together top-level leaders to collaborate, share knowledge and network on cutting-edge technologies and industry trends. She is passionate about creating a community that fosters open communication and promotes the growth and development of its members.

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