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Social Event

Restricted and Private event.

Only Founders, C suite and VPs

San Jose area, CA


Founders, Co-Founders



Credible Investors 

Restricted and invite only

Welcome to an exclusive Meetup Club reserved for founders, CEOs, and top executives. Within this circle, we foster a culture of mutual support, where members freely seek and provide assistance. Our ecosystem is dedicated to propelling each individual from ZERO to ONE. Here, discussions transcend theory; we prioritize actionable steps to drive tangible. i.e. MOUs, Testimonies, recommendations and references. 


Confidential Agreement

You agree to maintain the confidentiality of our private events.

You will not share any information outside the meeting room.

You will not create any posts and share them on social media.

You will not tag anyone on social media. i.e Linkedin

June 28, 2024

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RSVP now
June 28th, 2024
4 pm to 6pm
Santa Clara area, CA

We will review and send a confirmation

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